Performance Nights December 3rd – 11th, 2021
Doors Open @ 6:30pm

“A Cricket County Christmas Feud”

Y’all come back now for a Cricket County Christmas Reunion!  ‘Tis the season for… fussin’? There’s an oil field at stake in Cricket County—or is it just over yonder in Chigger County? Each side tries to lay claim to the field. These neighbors ain’t very neighborly! The opportunistic and entitled City Cousins, who think they’re all that and a bag of pork rinds, flirt, flatter and finagle in a desperate bid to get a cut of the revenue. Everybody jumps into the fray: Bouts of physical comedy and sight gags, hilarious misunderstandings, and “well, duh” moments quicken the pace and deliver big laughs! In the end, everyone learns to set aside differences and is reminded of what really matters.